Sealing & Drying Wood with ANCHORSEAL

Sealing & Drying Wood With ANCHORSEAL

If you want to see Anchorseal in action, Peter from Pete’s Wood Creations put together this outstanding video that showcases how he seals the end grain of wood to stop it from splitting and how he dries his wood. For more from him, check out his website or subscribe to his Youtube channel!



Peter talks about how Anchor Seal reduces cracking in wooden bowls by 90%. He states, “Anchor Seal. Let’s talk about it! It’s an end grain sealer that I’ve personally been using on all my bull blank slabs, logs…everything for almost two years now.  I really like this stuff. It’s basically a mixture of water and wax to put it as simple as possible. As it dries, the water evaporates leaving a nice solid wax film over the end grain on whatever piece you’re sealing up. You can use Anchorseal on anything and it reduces cracking by 90%.”


Here are some of the things he most commonly uses Anchorseal on:


Bowl Blank Slab


“So we’re going to start it off with a Bowl Blank Slab. I commonly rip these out of logs. I have a bristle brush here that I like to use to wipe this stuff on. All I do is just brush it just to the end grain on both sides and then leave it to dry.”




“I don’t generally use limbs, but I do have a few laying around. I just take the wood grain sealer and brush it to the end grain.”


Turning Blanks


“Next up we have some of these small turning blanks and I will also use end grain sealer on these. It might seem a little bit silly but it does reduce cracking by quite a bit, it is totally worth it!”


Rough Turn Bowl Blanks


“Last but certainly not least we have the rough turn bowl blanks. This one right here is about as wet as wood will ever come. I quite literally just took down a tree today and rough turned this today. I don’t know but I’m pretty sure that you guys can’t really make out the distinct grain pattern on camera that well so I’m going to try to mark it with a sharpie.


Now on a bowl blank all I will do is brush it within that small section of it because the rest of this is technically side grain and is totally legal just to let that air dry.”


Peter’s final assessment of Anchorseal is this. “So Anchorseal…The God-given solution to sealing up wood.” 


If you work with wood and are trying to find a solution to end checking, we encourage you to give Anchorseal a try. Also, if you have experience with using Anchorseal in a woodworking project like this, send us a message and let us know how it went.


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