U-C Coatings adds Contechem product line, providing customers with additional solutions in wood protection

U-C Coatings, LLC, a leading manufacturer of wood protection products including end coatings and sealants for logs and lumber, has acquired Contechem, Inc. of Portland, Oregon. Contechem, which was founded in 1985 by Gene Mitch and Gary Anderson, is a leading producer of sapstain control products for the lumber industry on the west coast. The merger of the two companies, both owned by High Road Capital Partners, creates a complementary single-source supplier of wood protection products for the hardwood and softwood markets across the country.

“This partnership of two quality companies with important products for wood processing will allow each of us to work together in research and development and distribution of our products from coast-to-coast,” explained Tom Johel, CEO of U-C Coatings.

“This is an incredible opportunity to increase our resources to grow our business in protecting freshly cut lumber and logs,” added Steve Anderson, Contechem Vice President. “Now, we can have an even greater, positive impact on our customer’s bottom-line with more ways to protect wood, increase yield and reduce waste.”

U-C Coatings is a leader in wood protection with its best-in-class wax end sealer, Anchorseal®. For more than 35 years, Anchorseal has been used by hardwood and softwood log and lumber producers to protect against end checking and splitting during drying. Up to 90% or more of end splits are avoided by applying Anchorseal as soon as logs and lumber are cut, resulting in higher yields with less waste.

Contechem’s products are the gold standard in sapstain control. Its Britewood® XL is specifically formulated for the protection of hardwood and softwood lumber against stain and mold-causing fungi. It is also the manufacturer of Sol-Brite, a brightener that can be used on all hardwood and softwood species to remove unsightly iron stains caused by saw blades and oxidation.

Both companies will continue operations at their respective manufacturing facilities in Buffalo and Portland, without change. All personnel at both U-C Coatings and Contechem will continue to carry on their mission of providing the best possible products and service their customers.

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