U-C Coatings Introduces New Size of LogDawg® Steel Plates

U-C Coatings, LLC, a Buffalo-based manufacturer of wood protection products, announced it has expanded its LogDawg® product line to include six-inch steel plates. The new size complements the existing four-inch steel plates, known as the LogDawg4.

The new LogDawg6 allows for stronger control of larger existing and potential end splits for veneer log processing. The LogDawg6 is manufactured from the same quality galvanized steel as the LogDawg4, and features heavier reinforced teeth to eliminate breakoff common with mending plates.

Both the four-inch and six-inch LogDawg plates can be applied hands-free with the use of U-C Coatings’ proprietary hammer. This method of installation keeps employees safe by keeping their hands out of the strike zone. Additionally, the LogDawg plates can be removed using common tools, eliminating the need to trim the log end and waste valuable material.

“When it comes to achieving the highest yield from a valuable piece of hardwood, there isn’t any room for waste,” said Tom Johel, president of U-C Coatings. “The LogDawg allows our customers to restrict end splits without loss of material. This product provides rugged protection for logs in shipping, storage and processing.”

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