U-C Coatings Featured In Miller Wood Trade Publications

U-C Coatings Featured In Miller Wood Trade Publications

Buffalo, NY— U-C Coatings LLC, headquartered here, is celebrating its 50-year anniversary in 2021. “Since our founding in Buffalo in 1971, we have been proud to serve the wood products industry,” stated CEO Eric Degenfelder. “Wood is a beautiful, sustainable resource, and we offer solutions across the value chain: from logs, lumber and plywood to finished products such as flooring, decking, and siding.

“This anniversary is a good time to look back at all we have done, and look forward for the good things to come,” Degenfelder said. U-C Coatings’ roots started in the eastern hardwood industry, with the invention of Bates® glue release by Red and Norm Murray for furniture makers and wood fabricators. Shortly after that U-C Coatings invented Anchorseal®, specially designed to end-seal lumber for protection from checking, and then the company invented Gempaint® – formulated for strong color and hiding in lumber branding.

Over the following years U-C Coatings continued to expand its solutions with ShadeDri, Flitchsavers, Log Dawgs and other specialty products to help its customers process and protect wood. U-C Coatings’ manufacturing in Buffalo expanded accordingly from a few drums per day early on to over two million gallons per year today.

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