U-C Coatings Improves Design of LogSavers® Product

U-C Coatings, LLC, a Buffalo-based manufacturer of wood protection products, today announced it has redesigned its LogSavers® to create a stronger and more robust product for its customers in the logging industry.

The new LogSavers incorporate 31% more high quality thermoplastic material along the spine of the staple, providing a stronger more durable “stitch” across existing stress splits and cracks in the ends of logs. Test results show an approximately 50% increase in strength over the first generation of the product. The new design fits U-C Coatings’ existing proprietary hammer, providing ease of use and maximum compatibility for its customers.

“We’re excited to bring this improved product to the market,” said Tom Johel, president of U-C Coatings. “Our customers handle incredibly valuable hardwoods and we are committed to ensuring they achieve the highest yields with the least amount of waste. The new LogSavers accomplish that.”

LogSavers are used to control existing splits and checks in valuable hardwood logs, allowing loggers to achieve higher yields from each log with less waste. Unlike traditional steel S-irons, the durable plastic LogSavers do not cause a black iron stain in the end of the log. Additionally, LogSavers can be sawed through without risking damage to saw blades or veneer knives.

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