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For more than 40 years, U-C Coatings has provided quality wood protection products to the hardwood and softwood logging and lumber industries. Producers from around the world rely on our best-in-class wood protection products to achieve higher yields with less waste.

From the minute a tree is cut down, the degradation process begins. By utilizing our full spectrum of wood protection products, you can interrupt the process and produce the highest quality lumber.

Applicable Products

Wax End Sealers

  • Our premium wax end sealers are used to prevent end checks and drying splits in freshly cut logs and lumber. By applying ANCHORSEAL® or ANCHORSEAL® 2 immediately after cutting, up to 90% of end checks and drying splits can be prevented.

Stencil & End Paints

  • Our water based end paints were developed specifically for application on dried lumber bundles. Easily identify lumber by species and enhance your brand in the marketplace with GEMPAINT® or GEMPAINT*PLUS.

Sapstain & Iron Stain Control

  • Our sapstain and iron stain control products are used on hardwood and softwood lumber to prevent damaging mold and fungi growth, oxidation and chemical reactions to metals. By implementing BRITEWOOD® Sapstain Control and SOL-BRITE™ Iron Stain Control products into your production process, you can ensure you’re delivering the highest quality lumber to your customers.

Log Stitches

  • Our metal and plastic log stitches are used to prevent the expansion of existing stress and growth splits in valuable hardwood and veneer logs. They are also used to preserve value during transport.

Shade Cloth

  • SHADE-DRI® protects green logs and lumber from the sun, wind, rain and dirt while air drying, reducing drying defects in hardwood and softwood logs and lumber.

Kiln Sample Board Sealer

  • Record reliable moisture readings of dry kiln sample boards by using B.O.S.S. (Bright Orange Sample Sealer).

Marking Paint

Spraying Equipment

  • Ensure efficient spray application of our end coatings and paints by using one of our sprayers. We construct our sprayer assemblies so they are compatible with our products and offer electric, gas engine, air-operated, pressure pot and backpack sprayers.
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