Wood Products Manufacturing


U-C Coatings has provided protective products to a variety of manufacturing industries since 1971. Our products have been used to protect equipment, prevent waste and provide higher quality products.

Industries served include

  • Furniture & cabinet manufacturing
  • Stair tread manufacturing
  • Architectural millwork
  • Window & door manufacturing
  • Casket manufacturing
  • Wood siding pre-finishing
  • Pallet manufacturing
  • Truck trailer flooring production
  • Timber mat manufacturing

Applicable Products

  • Glue Release Coatings
  • Dried Parts Stabilizer
    • BATES® DPS protects kiln-dried wood parts by controlling post-production warping, shrinking and swelling caused by changes in humidity while in storage, processing and shipment.
  • Wax End Sealers
    • Our premium wax end sealers are used to prevent end checks and drying splits in green, kiln-dried and air-dried lumber. By applying ANCHORSEAL® or ANCHORSEAL® 2, up to 90% of end checks and drying splits can be prevented.
  • End Paint
    • Our water based end paints were developed specifically for application on dried lumber. Easily identify lumber by species and enhance your brand in the marketplace with GEMPAINT® or GEMPAINT*PLUS.
  • Wood Sealers & Finishes
    • Our eco-friendly, premium wood sealers protect against water damage, sun and scuffs. SEAL-ONCE® penetrates to provide protection from the inside out. It can also be used as a wood conditioner or as a finished stain.
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