ANCHORSEAL® 2 is a hybrid of plant-based polymers and wax that protects the ends of green logs and lumber from checking and splitting. It is a high-performance, economical choice for customers.

ANCHORSEAL 2 is best-in-class for the protection of exotic hardwood decking. When carefully applied to the freshly cut ends of tropical hardwoods, such as ipe, Brazilian walnut, mahogany and tigerwood, ANCHORSEAL 2 prevents up to 90% of end checking, protecting your investment and extending the life of the deck. *Please NOTE that in 1 & 5 gallons sizes, this formula is shipped in Winter grade*


  • Hardwood logs and lumber
  • Tropical hardwood lumber
  • Exotic hardwood decking
  • Ipe decking
  • Woodturning blanks
  • Log "cookies"
  • Live-edge wood slabs


  • Prevents up to 90% of drying splits
  • Prevents end checking in deck boards
  • Improves yield with less waste
  • Water based
  • Non-hazardous
  • No solvents
  • Available in summer and winter formulas
  • Soap and water cleanup

Surface Preparation

  • All areas to be coated should be clear of dirt and debris


  • Apply ANCHORSEAL 2 using a brush, roller or sprayer until it begins to drip slightly
  • For optimal coverage, use a gas engine, electric, air operated or backpack sprayer from U·C Coatings
  • If using spray equipment other than those sold by U·C Coatings, use 0.21”/0.55 mm tip or larger
  • Logs larger than 24”/60 cm in diameter will require a heavier coating, or two coats must be applied within a 15 minute period
  • If applying to the cut ends of deck boards: apply ANCHORSEAL 2 carefully with a thin brush or sponge applicator. To avoid potential staining, do not allow ANCHORSEAL 2 to get on the face of the boards.

Cleanup & Storage

  • Clean application equipment using hot soapy water
  • Store unused ANCHORSEAL 2 above 50°F/10°C to prevent freezing. Winterized formulas will protect against freeze damage
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