Wood Decking

SEAL-ONCE® Exotic Wood Sealer

Protection for wood decking starts at the first cut. By applying a high quality end sealer to freshly cut ends of deck boards, you’ll be protected against drying cracks and splits. Durable, eco-friendly protection is provided by our long-lasting, water based sealers and finishes.

All of our sealers and stains can be used on hardwood, softwood and exotic hardwoods.

Applicable Products

  • Wax End Sealer
    • When applied immediately to the freshly cut ends of lumber, ANCHORSEAL® 2 can prevent up to 90% of end checks and drying splits. Our premium hybrid end sealer is used to prevent end checks and drying splits in valuable tropical hardwood decking, such as ipe, teak, garapa and cumaru.
  • Wood Sealers & Stains
    • Our eco-friendly, premium wood sealers protect against water damage, sun and scuffs, and are safe for use around pets, plants, people and marine life. SEAL-ONCE® wood sealers are available in clear or 11 semi-transparent stains.
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