When it comes to high end or small-scale woodworking, woodturning and furniture manufacturing, U-C Coatings provides the products that allow you to achieve the perfect end result. Whether you have a small sawmill in your back yard for cutting your own slabs; new turning blanks that need to dry out slowly; consider yourself a "weekend warrior" who builds in his or her spare time; or a high-end furniture or cabinet manufacturing business, we can help you produce the highest quality products with less waste.

Applicable Products

  • Wax End Sealer
    • Our premium wax end sealers are used to prevent end checks and drying splits in green logs, cookies, turning blanks and lumber. ANCHORSEAL® and ANCHORSEAL® 2 can prevent up to 90% of end checks and drying splits.
  • Glue Release Coatings
  • Wood Pre-Stain/Conditioner
    • SEAL-ONCE® NANO deeply penetrates wood to coat the wood fibers and protect against water damage. It forms a flexible breathable barrier that stabilizes the wood, allowing water vapor to escape, which prevents warping and cupping. It also allows for a smoother more even finish.
  • Wood Sealers & Finishes
    • Our eco-friendly, premium wood sealers protect against water damage, sun and scuffs. SEAL-ONCE® is available in a variety of finishes and in 11 different semi-transparent stains.
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