ANCHORSEAL® Classic is a premium wax emulsion end grain sealer for the prevention of end checks and drying splits in hardwood and softwood logs and lumber. By controlling the rate of moisture loss, up to 90% of end checks can be prevented. *Please NOTE that in 1 & 5 gallons sizes, this formula is shipped in Winter grade*


  • Hardwood logs and lumber
  • Softwood timbers and lumber
  • Debarked logs
  • Log exports
  • Woodturning blanks
  • Log "cookies"


  • Prevents up to 90% of drying splits
  • Reduces blue stain and sapstain in logs
  • Improves yield with less waste
  • Water based
  • Non-hazardous
  • No solvents
  • Available in summer and winter formulas
  • Soap and water cleanup

Surface Preparation

  • All areas to be coated should be clear of dirt and debris


  • Apply ANCHORSEAL using a brush, roller or sprayer until it begins to drip slightly
  • For optimal coverage, use a gas engine, electric, air operated or backpack sprayer from U·C Coatings
  • If using spray equipment other than those sold by U·C Coatings, use 0.21”/0.55 mm tip or larger
  • Logs larger than 24”/60 cm in diameter will require a heavier coating, or two coats must be applied within a 15 minute period

Cleanup & Storage

  • Clean application equipment using hot soapy water
  • Store unused ANCHORSEAL above 50°F/10°C to prevent freezing. Winterized formulas will protect against freeze damage
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